Intensive French Language Course

Learn French in our French language school. Enjoy our French language immersion programs , make friends and have fun!

Our Intensive French language courses are based on communication, and on studying all the different linguistic and cultural aspects of French. You want to learn French fast? Learn French, and more specifically in our French language school, is a great way to improve and perfect your French very fast.

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We guarantee high quality teaching and services that are officially recognized by the quality label "Français Langue étrangère".

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Every Monday

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5-8 (Max.10)

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60 minutes (1 hour)


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Course description

The Intensive French language Course  combines the linguistic learning of the Standard Course with additional French lessons set more specifically to develop all the oral skills (oral comprehension and expression). It is a good balance between all basics of French learning (writing, reading, listening and speaking), grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and the use of French to improve your oral expression and your knowledge of France.

In our French language school, each level has a specific program, and objectives carefully designed to be appropriate for each level and type of French course. All the activities offered in the Intensive French course are aimed to make you communicate, and are an opportunity for you to consolidate your achievements while opening doors to a new lexical world, and a deeper training of pronunciation.

To encourage communication in a playful way, the Intensive French language Course emphasizes on role plays, presentations and debates, which directly put into use the fundamental learnings necessary to oral expression itself. 

Who for is this French course?

This Intensive French Course is optimal for students who have the motivation to learn French in France quickly and to work more thoroughly on oral expression. Whether you want to get started as a beginner (levels A1 or A2), deepen your knowledge (levels B1 or B2), or are at an advanced level (levels C1 or C2), the Intensive French Course is effective to accompany you profitably through your goals.

In order for learning to remain a pleasure, the approached subjects are varied and adapted to your concerns and interests, so as to help you express yourself easily. This will encourage you to get through everyday life. The small size of the groups contributes to a more spontaneous speech. The Intensive French language Course is beneficial if you have the ambition to quickly and effectively progress, with, on one hand, a solid learning of the French language, and on the other hand a dynamic French immersion at the heart of the practice.

The benefits of this course

The Intensive French language course for is an adequate residential language stay to conceal a fast and deep French learning in the most effective way. It will help you:

  • Boost your speech in all sorts of different situations
  • Get your way through day to day dialogues
  • Consolidate your grammar during French courses
  • Gain new vocabulary
  • Work on pronunciation to progress in a fun way
  • Become familiar to French civilization and culture

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