Individual English Course

Learn English in our language school. Enjoy our English language programs , with tailor-made formula make friends and have fun!

Our language school offers English private training for all year round. Our course is tailored to suit student’s individual needs and level, Teachers provide personal guidance to ensure you make during your language course progress effectively. These  private lessons are very flexible making students the ideal solution to learn English in effectively and at your own pace.

Quality Label FLE

We guarantee high quality teaching and services that are officially recognized by the quality label "Français Langue étrangère".

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Course description

English private training for students can be adjusted according to the number of classes you wish to have: 20, 25, 30 or 40 French classes. Your needs will be defined beforehand and they will be taken into account by your teacher so that you can benefit from English classes tailored to really suit you as an individual.

Our language school focuses on communication based on the 4 skills recommended by the CEFRL (Common European Framework of reference for languages). In this way, listening and reading comprehension is tackled by way of varied activities without neglecting grammar, vocabulary or phonetics. Priority is given to the student’s own requests.

Your teacher will be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and for optimal implication during the lesson, they will thus be able to suggest activities that are adapted to what you like and what you find difficult. You will also be able to take part in the cultural and social activity program of our French Language School during your language course and practice your French with students who come from all over the city.

Who for is this English course?

French Private training is suited to all from beginners to advanced learners, who wish to have individual guidance so as to reach their specific learning objectives faster.

Private lessons in our school guarantee you learn English quickly whatever your ambitions or needs: preparing for an exam, learning specific vocabulary for studying medicine or bakery in France or simply gain in fluency thanks to practice and guidance from a teacher who can correct both grammar and your pronunciation.

A lesson lasts 60 minutes but in general, several lessons can be grouped together to guarantee you make optimal progress in English. English lesson can be adapted to suit the student’s learning speed and profile – for example whether the student is calm or dynamic, shy or communicative; and according to learning styles that may be visual, auditive or tacti

The benefits of this course

English private training suits you if you feel more comfortable with personal guidance allowing you to go at your own pace through private lessons. This English course for is constructive and helps you to:

  • Revise all the many grammar rules that are used in English
  • Gain in fluency when interacting with others
  • Learn new words and expressions during your language immersion
  • Reproduce the right intonation and pronunciation
  • Learn what you specifically request to know with personal guidance
  • Go at your own pace for fast and effective progress

Why learn English in La Liberté?

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