Long-term Standard French Language Course

Learn French in our French language school. Enjoy our French language immersion programs , make friends and have fun!

Our long-term standard French language course uses communication for learning to master the French language. Long-term French language course gives more meaning to learning French because when you are out of French class you will automatically find yourself in a real-life context for practicing what you have learnt. You will be able to build up confidence for speaking French. Our French language school offers you individual guidance and support throughout your entire course with us so that you remain focused on your objectives.

Quality Label FLE

We guarantee high quality teaching and services that are officially recognized by the quality label "Français Langue étrangère".

Course starts

Every Monday

Number of students

5-8 (Max.10)

Number of lessons


Minutes per lesson

60 minutes (1 hour)


20+ weeks


All Level



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Course description

The long-term standard French course work on the 4 skills according to the CEFRL (the Common European framework of reference for languages): you learn to read, write, listen and speak so as to better understand and assimilate French language basics. Learning French grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises all contribute to improving your communication skills.

With this in mind, our French school carefully tailors its French course to suit each level. The subjects treated are varied and communication exercises (presentations, debates and role play) regularly used in French class so as to meet everyone’s needs and accommodate their particular interests. In this way, you will gradually build up your self-confidence. It will then be easy for you to put what you have learnt into practice whenever you leave our French language school.

You will be plunged into French culture on a daily basis and your teachers know how to make good use of this by working on authentic source documents in class. Objectives are tackled using various types of teaching material such as videos, newspapers, adverts, tracts, menus and all other documents, which all help you put the fundamental skills you learn into practice in real-life everyday situations.

Your long-term standard French course will be made even more worthwhile thanks to educational support and guidance throughout your entire language course. You will meet your tutor regularly so that you can clearly define the stages needed to reach your objectives. This support is so important because it keeps you motivated and involved in organizing your own language learning!

Who for is this French course?

This long-term standard French language course will suit you if you are looking to study French for at least 20 weeks and for a very reasonable price. This French course is open to all students from level A1 to C2 (from beginners to advanced learners), and French language programs are tailored to suit each level whilst also giving you the chance to get familiar with French culture.

If your aim is to understand French people and their customs better, this is the perfect solution for you; because your French learning will be brought to life and thus have more meaning. This French course leaves you enough time to work at your own pace and assimilate all fundamental aspects of the French language in a very relaxed way. 

In our French school , you will get the chance to speak with people from all over the city in French classes of no more than 10 students. This gives you the opportunity to learn how other people see life by hearing about their personal values and way of living…….In short, learning French means coming into contact with a new culture.

If you need guidance and support in order to stay motivated, this long-term French language course is ideal because you do indeed benefit from serious and regular educational support

The benefits of this course

The long-term French standard language course has the right balance between intensive French learning and soaking up the French culture; you will be able to make the most of your free time. Educational support and guidance at our French language school means there is always a link between everything learnt to ensure that real progress is made. This French course helps you to:

  • Improve your ability to communicate in various real-life everyday situations
  • Reduce the stress you feel when speaking by using exercises to stage real life situations and following advice provided by Teachers
  • Learn grammar rules so as to consolidate the skills you have acquired
  • Build up an extensive list of enriched vocabulary that is appropriate in all situations.
  • Improve elocution and pronunciation so that people around you can understand you better
  • Prepare yourself for getting a place at university or getting employed in a company
  • Benefit from personal guidance and support suited to your needs to help you remain focused on your language learning and professional development
  • Assimilate all the particular features of French life and get familiar with another cultur

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